Seu Jorge | The Belly Up

Seu Jorge | The Belly Up
Seu Jorge in The Life Aquatice with Steve Zissou

Singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, even fashion designer – Seu Jorge has brought Brazilian music to the States with his upbeat blend of genre bending rhythms.

You may recognize him from his role in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004), or maybe you’re a fan of his Portuguese adaptations of Bowie’s music in the movie’s soundtrack. Maybe you saw/heard him in City of God (2002) or its sequel City of God: 10 Years Later (2012), Or, maybe you’ve just been to Brazil, where Seu is reveled as the renewer of Brazilian pop-samba.

I had a chance to talk to Sue Jorge before he stepped onto the Belly Up stage for his sold out show – about his life before all the success, and his plans for new releases

Seu grew up in the “favelas” or slums outside of Rio de Janeiro, and though sources online sources claim three years, Seu told me he spent nearly seven years living on the streets. During that time, he found faith in music and a connection with people through it’s power to move them.

“The music made people look at me and think ‘he’s not so bad at all,” he reflected, “…he has something good to say, he has a good vibe.'”

“And the music kept me in a good mood,” he went on to say. “Then the people would feel me and attract to me because I’m playing guitar and singing. That gave me a lot experience. People teach me lots of things, about life especially.”

Seu Jorge
Seu Jorge

His work in American films brought him the notoriety he deserved in the states, and since the release of The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions he has dropped 5 additional albums, making 8 in total. Combining latin, jazz, samba, Brazilian pop and more in an 8+ piece ensemble, Seu’s full band experience takes you on worldly journey of hip-gyrating rhythms – much more to the ears than his famed solo-acoustic Bowie tributes. Nonetheless, they are something special. Take a listen here:

Since his last release in 2016, Seu Jorge has been on tour while working on his next album, which will he claims will include arrangements from a full orchestra. He’s hopeful for it’s completion and distribution to be scheduled by the end of year 2018.


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