Feathers and Lead | Garage Mahal Sessions

Feathers and Lead | Garage Mahal Sessions
Feathers and Lead | Garage Mahal Sessions

“We won the San Diego singer songwriter competition at Winston’s (Ocean Beach) ..and our prize was 8 hours of recording time.” Cam remarked on their debut EP.

Five tracks in 8 hours is no easy feat for a band, especially for a freshman release. Cam Hersh and Jess Corso, at the center of Feathers and Lead, pointed towards Alan Goodman – a friend and the band and engineer for the 5 track.

“We have thank Alan… he was splicing a lot of stuff at home.” they recalled. The duo also had the help of their friends in The Homesick Hitchers, Shoestring Strap, and Surefire Soul Ensemble; members of each band are featured on the recordings.

Jess described the album’s creation as a fun experience, and it shows in the music; Humor, Pain & Grace puts you in a “weekend in countryside” kind of mood. It’s the vibe of the good ol’ American nine-to-five punch out on a Friday, hop in your Chevy and b-line to your porch swing with a six pack of suds. Southern rock with a with a classic americana flavor, balanced beneath sultry lead vocals of Jess Corso. Here’s the live version of Time from the Feathers and Lead session:

A scholastically decorated singer (Keene State, New Hampshire), Jess Corso has experience as a classical vocalist, but admittedly searched for something deeper in her music with Feathers and Lead. Lower ranges, folky tones and bluesy scales absent from classical arrangements. Listen to her lead the band through this cover of the Utah Philip’s song Rock Salt & Nails:

Since dropping the EP in 2016, the group’s lineup has changed and the current members are working on a full length release.

Although he was absent for the interview, bassist Aqualino Soriano did leave behind a 3 track EP of his former project… from the 1960’s. Going under the name “The Conspiracy”, this was an analog portal to an era where psych-rock was a new wave exploration. The songs were recorded in the on 8 track tapes in Grand Rapids, mixed, mastered an then ultimately forgotten until – they recently resurfaced. After recovering it nearly 50 years later, the basement tapes were sent over to Earthling Studio in El Cajon for digital transfer. Vintage reverbs, echoes, tube amps, heavy analog saturation, a Hammond organ – the stuff of that made up iconic albums of the period by bands like The Doors and King Crimson. Give a listen to this piece of history:

Listen to the full Feathers and Lead EP on Soundcloud:


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