Broken Stems | Garage Mahal Sessions

Broken Stems - Garage Mahal Sessions
Broken Stems – Garage Mahal Sessions


“After 3 hours we were like, wait… Andrew is gone. Where is Andrew?” Brad Sweet recalled an incident from the recording Broken Stems‘ newest full-length Joshua Tree Sessions (2018). The now 3 piece had rented a house in the California desert to produce and engineer a DIY album.

“So me and Jesse went to find him, and there was this music we heard from over the mountains, and there were lights.” He continued.

The 2 remaining bandmates set out towards the noise, and after scaling the mountainous landscape under moonlight, they peered over its summit to find a music festival: DJs, trapeze artists, live bands, art and light shows.

“But it was an hour walk to get there, so I was like there’s no way Andrew is here.” Brad went on, “We started asking around…. and we heard his voice coming from a tent. We looked in and his face was painted, and he had all these girls in the tent with him.”

Thanks to an unbelievable combination of luck and timing, the band had rented a house only a few miles from a private music festival on someone’s property. But what was even more remarkable, they found they’re enlightened bandmate amongst a sea festival people.

“We waited til after the recording to have that fun ‘journey'” Jesse explained, referring to the psychedelics that influenced the sudden moonlit desert exploration.

“Bonus to playing drums,” Andrew interjected, “you track first and then you’re done.”

Broken Stems - Garage Mahal Sessions
Broken Stems – Garage Mahal Sessions
Broken Stems - Garage Mahal Sessions
Broken Stems – Interview


This year Brad is putting on a 2 day music festival of his own, Same Same But Different Fest. In addition to a lineup stacked with heavy-hitters like Lettuce, The Floozies and Boombox, the festival’s centerpiece is Lake Perris; a 3.6 square mile body of water open for swimming and boating.

With the word “festival” being misused and diluted by so many event promoters, its potency is waining. WE CAN ASSURE YOU, this is the real-deal: overnight camping, high end music, 2 alternating stages, professional lighting, yoga, and lakeside accommodations.

SSBD lineup


In the latest announcement from SSBD Fest, they added bands Dirtwire (David Satori of Beats Antique, Evan Fraser of Bolo and Mark Reveley of Jed and Lucia), and Moon Hooch to the roster, as well as Hollywood Principle, who’s 164k monthly Spotify listeners (and the rest of the world) have never had the chance to see live – until now. Additionally, they’ve opened a Band Discovery Contest, giving 2 bands a chance to taste the glory of the SSBD stage. Remember, SSBD Fest has 2 alternating stages, meaning the winners will be the only band playing during their slot.


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– Jesse Orlando

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