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There's a music scene in San Diego?

Most would say "No. Well, not unless you count white-boy reggae, appealing to crowds of over-hydrated out-of-towners who get fighted and bail on their bar tabs."

We don't blame them; this is convincingly accurate to the average air bnb-er. But behold... a formidable cornucopia of underground musical goodness lies just beneath the sun drenched surface.

Garage Mahal Sessions are documents of a different music scene in San Diego - the typically overlooked, under-the-radar SoCal talent. We curate quality bands who perform their music a setting they're familiar with - a garage.


Join us in fostering a musical community. 



Garage Mahal

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Evolving from house-party DIY jams in MDRN HSTRY's sonic sanctuary, Garage Mahal Sessions has amassed into a musical unification of local artists. Hosted by members of MDRN HSTRY, each week new local music is documented and engineered into a set of session videos, photos, and MP3's showcased on our blog & YouTube Channel.

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